Categories Defined

Category is a concept/term used in various ways within CattleMax and is especially beneficial when it comes to creating and viewing reports.


The main use of category in CattleMax is to differentiate (or group) cattle such as with replacement heifers, stocker calves, fall versus spring herd, etc. Once the animal is added to a category, you can then set criteria within a smart group to view those animals separately.  To view, edit and add these categories, click My Account > Categories List. You can then use the Group Update Feature to add animals to a category.

What’s the difference in Groups and Categories in CattleMax?

Using category for tracking first-calf heifers, replacement heifers, stocker calves, etc. separately


Measurement Categories are added when an animal weight is entered.  CattleMax has preset measurement categories for birth, weaning, and yearling. Customers also have the option to add/select measurement categories each time any weight is entered on an animal.  Examples of other measurement categories might include gain, mature weight, pre-sale weight, pre-slaughter, or purchase weight.

When creating or customizing a performance report, it is possible to set both a cattle and a measurement category as a criterion by which to limit your report.


Tasks may be classified with a category option that is selected when a New Task is created from the dashboard. Categories under Tasks might include cattle working, cattle movement, reproductive, medical, maintenance, support, etc.

Herd Health

Health Treatments can be categorized with custom categories by starting from the dashboard click on Herd Health > New Preset Treatment. Category examples under herd health might include antibiotic, Brucellosis, heat synchronization, internal parasites, vaccine, etc.


New Income and New Expense both have an option for a category.  To add a new income or new expense with a category, start at the dashboard then click on Financial > New Income or New Expense. Financial categories might include hay, feed, medical, seed, fertilizer, etc.

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance on Equipment may be categorized.  To create or add a category for equipment maintenance, start from the dashboard > Equipment > click the name of the item that needs maintenance information > Maintenance > New Maintenance. Equipment Maintenance categories might include routine scheduled maintenance, minor repair, major repair, etc.

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