Customizing Reports

Filtering, narrowing records to just ones that meet certain criteria

Click on Reports > Reports to open the Reports section.

Select the report to be customized.

No criteria have been selected on this report. Click the “Edit Report” button found on the top right side of the page. 

Enter, from a drop-down, the criteria you want for the records on the report.  You can have multiple (compounded) criteria. For example choosing Status of Active and entering a Birth Date range will narrow the report to just active cattle born during that date range. 

Note: To "blank out" a line, choose the top line in the dropdown which is blank and turns blue when you hover your mouse over it before clicking on it.

For this report example below, we are looking for the Active Cows in the Breeding Pasture.

Adding/removing columns, changing the sort, changing the report title

Click the “Columns” tab next to Criteria. To change the order of the columns, left-click and hold on the entry to drag it up or down. Click on Update Report when you have the criteria and columns selected.

The report will be displayed. The Criteria of the report is shown above the headings.

Saving to PDF or CSV (Excel)

Click the drop-down arrow and select the respective "Export to PDF," "Export to Excel," or "Export to CSV." CSV means Comma-Separated Values and is a format that can be opened in Excel.

Print the Report

Use the printer icon to print your report.  Click on the image and another browser tab will open with the report in it.  There will also be a "Print Report" button at the top of this second tab that will need to be clicked in order to see your computer's print preview and settings.  In this third screen be sure to review your print preview and/or print settings (such as portrait vs. landscape or scale) before clicking the final print button.

Watch a short "How - To" video

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