Groups in CattleMax

Using different types of groups and categories 

There are two types of Groups in CattleMax – Smart Groups and Cattle Groups. 
To create a new group, click the Cattle Tab > New Group.

You will name the group then decide if you want the group to be a Smart Group (default) or Cattle Group. (See explanation of group differences below.) Proceed through the group formation process, setting up Sort By, Sort Direction,  View As, adding any notes, and choosing columns you want to be shown in the group view. After clicking Create Group, you will have the opportunity to set Criteria for the Smart Group or move animals into the Cattle Group.  

Cattle GroupAnimal records are manually moved into/out of Cattle Groups. Once animal records are included in a Cattle Group, they will remain in the group, even if sold or dead, until you (the user) manually remove them from the Group. 

Smart Group: Animal records that meet a set of criteria for the particular Smart Group are included in the group. 
One of the simplest Smart Groups would be Active Bulls. Criteria set for that Smart Group is Status=Active, Animal Type=Bull. 
Any animal in the herd file which meets those two criteria would be included in the Smart Group. The more criteria set for a Smart Group, the narrower the filter for animal records to be included in the group.  There are quite a few criteria options available to “limit” the smart group (see image below):

The minimum number of criteria you can set for the group to limit to the animals you want in the group is the best.

Smart Groups are designated in your Groups listing with a "sprocket" type logo.    

Category: Category in CattleMax might be considered as sort of a subgroup. You might want to assign a group of Replacement Heifers to a Category so you can form a Smart Group which includes only the Replacement Heifers.
To create new Categories, go to My Account in the upper right > Categories List > New Category > name the category.

Then, you will use the group update feature to change the categories on multiple animals at once.
Go to the Active Calves Smart Group to select, by checking the box beside the animals’ ID, the heifers you want in the Replacement Heifers category. You can then click the Update Selected Animals link at the top of the listing > select More Options > Change Categories > choose one value for all or individual values > Continue > assign them to Replacement Heifers category > Change Categories.
Following that, you can create a new Smart Group using the Category = Replacement Heifers as one of the criteria for the Group to have a separate group for the Replacement Heifers.
The Replacement Heifers will still have their records in the Active Calves Smart Group, but can also be viewed and worked, separate and apart, in the Replacement Heifers Smart Group.
The Replacement Heifers category will keep those animals in the Replacement Heifers Smart Group, even though they may be promoted to Cows to enable breeding. When the category is changed, the animal will be removed from the Smart Group based on those category criteria selected within the smart group.
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