Creating a New Report or Worksheet

There are some occasions when working in CattleMax; the need arises for creation of an entirely new report or worksheet.  To do that, go to Reports > Reports or Reports > Worksheets.

In the upper right is a button called New Report (or Worksheet), click that button and a window will open which allows the naming of the report or worksheet.

The Record Area line is important in that you need to select the correct record area to pull into the report the information you are wanting.

Once you have selected the Record Area for the report, click the Create Report button.  The report will be created, and you can then Edit the Report to set criteria (filters), the columns of information you want, and preferences for the report.  Click the drop-down arrows to view options.

You can click to remove any columns and click the drop-down on the box "Select a column to include in your report" to choose columns to be shown on the report.  When a column is selected, it will be placed at the bottom of the list.  You can hover over the column, click, hold down and drag the column to where you want it to appear on the report.

On the Preferences tab, the name of the report can be changed, a choice for sorting the report can be set, and the font size for the report can be reset if desired.

Once everything has been set (Criteria, Columns, and Preferences), click the Update Report button to view the report you have created.  If everything in the report is not as you wish, you can always go back to Edit Report and revise the report.

Creating a new Worksheet works the same as creating a new Report, except you have the option of creating blank columns with headers for manual entry of the information.

When you no longer need the Report or Worksheet, you can go to Edit Report or Worksheet and Delete the Report. You are not deleting any data just the report or worksheet. 

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