Adding a Note to an animal

Adding a note to an animal's record can be done with the Add New Activity (green circle with +) on the animal's timeline or while performing a group update.  Notes can be as simple as a visual notice of a health issue, upload their registration paper, vet documents - anything you want to be visible on their timeline.

Adding a note from the Add New Activity area on the animal's timeline

You can add a Note date, Category (ie: Registration Paper, Breeding Exam, Heat Cycle), Attach a document or file, along with adding notes such as "Limping on Left Rear", "Registered with AAA", these are just examples.

Once you have entered or uploaded your information, chose Create Animal Note.  That note will then appear on the animal's timeline. If you have added an attachment you can click the date link and when the pop-up appears you can view the attached file from there.  

Adding a note to a group of animals from the Group Update feature

After choosing the animals you would like to update, chose Update Selected Animals.  The image below will pop up, using the More Options area, select Add Notes. Please keep in mind this note will be the same for all animals in the group update. 

Once the note is created, all animals in that group update will show the same note.  This could be used for symptoms of an illness (pinkeye, ringworm, etc) or even events such as "Hoof trim, clipped for show or sale".  

A printable or viewable list of your notes can be found on the animal's timeline or viewed in the Reports > Other Animal > Cattle Notes.  If you wish to have a custom report choose New Report > Record Area: Animal Notes.

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