​Printing or Exporting CattleMax Reports/Worksheets

With Reports and Worksheets, you can click on Edit Worksheet or Edit Report to  customize the document by adding criteria filters and adding or removing columns to be displayed on the reports. Use the Preferences tab to add or change the report name, sort criteria, and font size.
Worksheets are usually printed and taken with you to areas where you may not have adequate internet access. With the worksheets, you can add columns to be pre-filled with data from the database as well as blank columns to be filled in while in the field then used as a guide to entering the information into CattleMax when you have good internet access.
When ready to print, click on the printer icon to print reports and worksheets from Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.  You can print directly or save them as a pdf and print or email them.
The reports and Worksheets can be exported as CSV to import to other software such as QuickBooks. You can also export as PDF or as Excel and work in Excel to make charts and graphs or add special formatting.
To Export, click/touch the download arrow, select what format you want the export to be in, then choose where you want the download to go (i.e. - Downloads folder, Desktop, etc.).

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