Multiple Herds and Multiple Accounts

We are asked about how to manage multiple herds and whether it is better to use a single account or separate accounts. While the best recommendation often varies, you can use the suggestions below to help make a decision.  Also, feel free to contact us for assistance should you have any questions.

When to use a single account (most popular)

  • A single herd
  • Shared genetics (using the same bulls, heifers in one herd become cows in another)
  • Multiple owners and want to keep the cattle together (families, partnerships, cattle on shares)
  • Have both registered and commercial cattle - Can use smart groups criteria to view the separate herds

You can manage different groups or herds within CattleMax with the Smart Groups feature.  We recommend creating Smart Groups and using owner, pasture, or category as criteria so that you can have groups of “Registered Cows” or “Joe’s Herd.”

When to use multiple accounts

  • Separate enterprises (e.g., cow-calf and stocker where stocker cattle were not in the cow-calf herd)
  • Multiple species (e.g., cattle, horses, sheep, goats)
  • Need to allow access to individual records (e.g., access these cows but not those cows)
  • Separate owners or companies where cattle are not moved and genetics are not shared among entities
  • Importing different herd files from an older version of CattleMax or another cattle software (since herd data cannot be combined)

User login with the same email in multiple accounts will see a link to each of their accounts at the top of the screen in CattleMax.  This makes it easy to switch from one account to another.

To set up, an additional account (or accounts),  follow the signup process for each account you need.

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