Animal Status

Animal Status is required for adding any animal to CattleMax.  The Animal status is assigned by selecting the correct status from the Status Drop-Down box. 

Smart Groups for Active, Sold, and Dead animals are part of the Commercial and Registered plans.

Active - This would be all live animals you have in your account that you are currently keeping records on actively.  All the data is active and will show in your active inventory.

Reference - Animals you are not currently actively using; such as a Donor Cow from an embryo purchase; AI sire; leased bull; an animal that has a genetic influence in your herd but you may never have owned; or an animal in the pedigree for instance. Another good way to use Reference is if you believe you have a duplicate entry or error with your records -  instead of deleting the animal and losing the data, setting it to Reference will save that data for future use. 

Sold - Animals you have added to a sales ticket or have changed their status to sold.  Their information is still available for data collection and use. 

Dead - Deceased animals.

Please note Reference, Sold, and Dead animals do not count against the total animals allowed with your account subscription plan.

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