Working cattle from a list of electronic id tags

The best way to work with a group of cattle that have been scanned is to create a cattle group and add them. Having them in a cattle group makes it easy for performing Group Update tasks as well as generating reports.

Here’s how…

  1. Create a new Cattle Group (not a Smart Group)
  2. On the Search Animals by Criteria or List, click the “Search by List” tab
  3. Change “Search Id Method” to “Electronic ID”
  4. Paste in a list of electronic id tags from your spreadsheet (select the tags and then choose Edit > Copy in Excel)
  5. Click on Search

The steps above will filter the list of animals down to just animals matching those electronic ids. You can then either check the boxes by each animal you want to update or you can click the checkbox in the column heading to select all. After selecting your animals, click “Save Group”

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