Importing Electronic ID Numbers

Importing Electronic ID Numbers

First, make sure you have a saved CSV file that has the Electronic ID (EID) identification and the visual tag information that matches the animal ID (Ear tag) in your CattleMax account. 

From the Dashboard, click on Cattle.

Then click on the Import Data link.

Choose Import from Spreadsheet on the pop-up.

Next, you will fill out what you want to import, attach the file, and then if the status of the animals in the file.

After uploading the file, you then match your data on the next screen and let CattleMax verify that there are no mistakes on the spreadsheet.

Once all data is matched you move to validation and if no errors your data can then be imported.

Your EID tags have now been imported and can be used as a form of identification when using CattleMax or the TagMax App. 

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