Creating a Dry Cows Report

While there is not a direct way to create a dry cows report, it is relatively easy to create a workaround to the report.

Start by creating a new report: Reports > Reports > New Report > name it as you wish such as Dry Cows > choose Cows as your record area > Create Report.

To modify which columns you are able to view, you will customize your report by clicking Edit Report > Criteria > Status = Active.  Then go to the Columns tab > Select a column to include in your report. Ear Tag (because we selected cows as record area, this refers to Cow's Ear Tag), Calf Ear Tag (here refers only to calves that have not been weaned) will both be necessary columns.  You might also choose to add Next Calving Date, Current Breeding Status, Pasture, or Category.

This report will show all the cows with a calf still on them as well as those that do not currently have a calf on them (dry cows).

If you want to see only the cows that do not have a calf on them, you can export the report to Excel to quickly sort by Calf Ear tag column then delete the rows showing a cow with a calf.  That will leave you with a dry cows report.

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