Bull not being pulled from the Pasture

Bulls not being pulled (Remove Bulls feature) from the Pasture will create a new breeding record on a cow right after she calves.  This is due to the bull not being removed, which would have created an end date to the cows' breeding.

There are two options available to fix this issue.

You can either go to the cow's individual details page > Breeding tab > click on the breeding date in question >  Edit > check the Archived box > Update Breeding.

Or you can go to the Dashboard > calving screen > click the No Calf link for that breeding on that cow. Clicking "No Calf" will NOT change any calf records or show the cow did not have a calf; It simply archives that particular breeding and returns her breeding status to Open.

If you run the bull year-round with your cows but do not want the automatic breeding, you can remove the bull using Remove Bulls from the Pasture screen.   This will also create an end to the cow's breeding season and will not create an automatic breeding after she calves.  Put him in the pens for a day in CattleMax; then you can just move him back to the pasture without using the Turn In Bulls feature.  This will make him part of that pasture's inventory but not cause any breedings.

In the related article titled, Breeding cows, pay special attention to the "Turn in Bulls" discussion to learn more.

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