What Triggers a Rebreeding?

There are some instances in CattleMax where a breeding record is automatically created on a cow after you add her calf in CattleMax.  This typically occurs in situations where the bull is left in the pasture year-round or when the bull is turned into a pasture where cows are calving out.

Requirements for an NS breeding to trigger "rebreeding" of a dam when her calf is added:

  • Archived: false
  • Breeding Method: NS
  • Breeding Date < calf's birth date
  • Breeding End Date is null

Those NS breedings details will be updated to:

  • Archived: true with code C (for Calving)
  • Breeding End date: calf's birth date

A new breeding will be created if:

  • The female is in a pasture
  • The bull from the earlier NS record is in the same pasture

The new breeding details will be:

  • Breeding Date: calf's birth date
  • Breeding End Date: blank
  • Breeding Method: NS
  • Bred To: that bull

Note: Once a breeding is created, it can always be edited by going to the individual cow record > Breeding tab > click the breeding date and an Edit screen will appear.

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