Sales Tickets - Creation, editing

When animals in your CattleMax herd file are sold, it is necessary to put them on a sales ticket.   

**NOTE: Once you have selected animals to put on the ticket and clicked the Save Sale Ticket button at the bottom of the screen, those selected animals are made Status = Sold (Inactive) in your herd file.  If you choose to delete a sale ticket, that does not make the animals on the sale ticket active again. You will have to go to a Smart Group such as All Cattle or Sold Cattle, select the animals > Update Selected Animals, and change their status back to Active to have them available to put on a new sale ticket.

1.  The first step in creating a sales ticket is to go to the Financial tab and then click the Sale Tickets button.

2.  Click New Sale Ticket in the top right corner. Fill in the lines of Invoice, Sold To, Marketing Method, *Sale Date (this is required), add an attachment and any Comments about the sale ticket. Click Create Sale Ticket.

Option A for adding animals to a sale ticket (recommended):

The next screen allows you to put animals on the ticket.  You have the option of narrowing the list by searching by Criteria or if you choose Search By List, all active animals in your file will be listed. Place a checkmark next to the sold animal IDs then click Save Sale Ticket.

Option B for adding animals to a sale ticket:

Create the Sale Ticket, then go to a group, select the animals to be added to the ticket by clicking on the box in front of their IDs. When you have selected the animals to put on the sale ticket you click on Update Selected Animals > Change Status > Continue.  Select Sold from the drop-down and select the sale ticket from the drop-down that will be displayed. 

To enter the detailed information, you can click on Add/Remove Cattle to edit animals on the ticket (remember if you remove an animal their status will stay as will have to go to their detail page to change them back to Active).  You can click on Edit Prices and Weights to add those details.  Commission, checkoff, vet, and other fees can be added by clicking on New Expense.  See screenshots below:

Once you have updated the sale ticket (put the animals on the ticket using Option A), you will have a screen opened in which you enter Weight, Price (this is total gross price, not price per cwt or lb), Reason for Sale and Disposal Code. It is not mandatory to put anything on this screen if you don't want to keep up with the sale price, etc.  You also have the opportunity (a link at the top) to record the same weight and same price for all cattle if they were sold that way.  Click Update Sale ticket.   

NOTE:  On the sale price put only numbers and decimal place, i.e. 1450.00, do not use a $ sign or comma in the price entry.

Once the ticket is updated, you'll have the opportunity to enter Marketing Expenses by clicking the link at the top - Sale Ticket Actions > New Sale Ticket Expense.  The user creates the Expense Name, for instance, Marketing Expense, or Commission, Insurance, etc.  Once created, the next time you start to enter, the expense name will appear in a dropdown.  

Users handle this area in some different ways, but we recommend in most cases making one Marketing Expense, applied per head.  To do this, total all the marketing expenses (it is usually done on the sale ticket accompanying the check from the sales facility), divide by the number of animals on the ticket. Enter that amount in the Amount line (total expense $50.00/2 animals = $25.00 each).  Click the Create Sale Ticket Expense button and the amount will be deducted from each animal's price with the net proceeds shown at the top of the ticket.  With an odd number of animals on a ticket, the marketing expense will be rounded, making the net "off" from the net check.  To correct that, click Sale Ticket Actions > Edit Prices and Weights, go to an animal or two and adjust the marketing expense a few cents to make the net = the check. Then click Update Sale Ticket.

There is no other button to click to save the sale ticket.  It will be saved just as you have completed it, but, if you need to come back to the ticket to "fix" something, just go to Sale Tickets, click the appropriate sale ticket date link, and edit sale ticket, or if you need to correct/adjust price, weight or marketing expense, you'll need to click on Add/Remove Cattle, Edit Prices and Weights or New Expense.

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