Commonly used Abbreviations

ABW - Adjusted birth weight 

AWW - Adjusted weaning weight

AYW - Adjusted yearling weight

ADG - Average Daily Gain - reference weight is a requirement. Current weight minus reference weight divided by days between reference and current weights.

Elect. ID - Electronic ID (EID Tag)

EPD - Estimated Progeny Difference - a valuable tool to aid purebred and commercial producers in the selection of potential breeding stock. Cattle producers must clearly define their breeding objectives and determine what sort of animal is needed to meet their production goals.

EBV - Estimated Breeding Value - a value which expresses the difference (+ or -) between an individual animal and the herd or breed benchmark to which the animal is being compared. 

Gen. / Poss. - Genetic / Possession - Percentage of the genetics owned vs. the possession each owner has of that animal. (Example: The ranch where you bought your bull chose to retain 20% semen interest but gave you full possession of the bull.  Your Gen. / Poss. entry would be 80%/100%.)

MPPA - Most Probable Producing Ability - This is a ratio of the cow vs. the other cows in the herd.  A cow of 100 would be average in the herd.  A cow of 95 would be 5% below average where an MPPA of 105 would be 5% above average.  MPPA measures two things in the cow:

1.     her ability to produce milk for that calf 
2.     her contribution of genetics to the calf

OCV # or Tattoo - Official Calfhood Vaccination - The animal was vaccinated for Brucellosis (Bangs) between 4 to 12 months of age

PH Number - Personal herd number

Reg Num - Registration number

WDA - Weight per day of age - It is what the animal weighs, less birth weight if it is entered. Current weight minus birth weight divided by days of age.

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