Adjusted Weaning / Yearling / Birth Weight was not calculated for an animal

Possible Cause 1 – Calculate Adjusted Measurements is disabled

CattleMax has an option under Account Settings that lets you disable the calculation of adjusted measurements.  Though it is enabled by default, many registered breeders disable this option to avoid confusion since their breed association will calculate these values using a breed-specific formula.

Possible Cause 2 – Missing or incomplete information

The usual causes of an Adjusted Weaning Weight not being calculated are, the calf does not have sex assigned, the Dam is not on the calf's record, or the dam does not have a birth date on her record. The dam's age is used for the Age Of Dam offset that is required for calculating an Adjusted Weaning Weight.

Adjusted Birth Weight requirements:

  • Actual birth weight
  • Dam with a birth date

Adjusted Weaning Weight requirements:

  • Birthdate
  • Birth weight
  • Sex of animal
  • Weaning date
  • Actual weaning weight
  • Dam with a birth date

Adjusted Yearling Weight requirements:

  • Weaning date
  • Weaning Weight
  • Actual weaning weight
  • Adjusted weaning weight (see above)
  • Yearling date
  • Actual yearling weight

Possible Cause 3 – Entering Historical Data

Adjusted calculations do not occur on data that was entered "out of order." Therefore, for CattleMax to calculate adjusted measurements on historical data those animals must be entered into the system as a calf then brought through the process to become a cow or bull.

If, however, the animals are already in the system as cows or bulls, there is a work-around. A Cow (even if she already has offspring and data on her record) could be demoted back to a heifer calf, unwean, and unyearling. Then reenter weaning and yearling data on the heifer calf to obtain the adjusted calculated weights. Finally, promote her back to a cow allowing the offspring to reappear on her individual record.

The same workaround can be done for Bulls (demote to bull calf, unwean, unyearling, reenter weaning and yearling data, promote) if needed.

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