Importing Weights from a CSV file

To import into CattleMax, the weight file must be downloaded in a CSV format file from your scale, or the user can create a CSV format file and save it to the desktop or other location on the computer to make it easy to find.

The file must have a minimum of 2 columns. One column for the animal ID and another column with the animal weights.

In CattleMax click on Cattle and then on Import Weights. 

Use the Browse on the next screen to select the weight file previously saved, then click Continue.

The first few rows of your data file will be displayed to help match the columns required for the import. Select the column that has the weights. Select the column that has the animal IDs then enter the type of ID to match to in CattleMax (Ear Tag, Electronic Id, etc.).

On the Group Fill screen enter the measure date, weight category and choose a reference weight for calculating average daily gain. Select Overwrite Existing Values then click Pre-fill Values to enter the information on each animal record from the Group Fill area.  At this point, you can alter information unique to any animal as needed.

Click on Import Weights to record the weights. There will be a Weight Import Results screen displayed showing the import results.

Watch a short "How - To" video

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