Calculating percent dam weight

The Percent Dam weight is a percentage calculated by dividing the calf’s adjusted weaning weight with the dam’s weight at calf’s weaning.

NOTE: The Dam's weight must be recorded in CattleMax prior to the calf being weaned and calf weight recorded.

CattleMax automatically calculates the calf’s percent dam weight when an adjusted weaning weight is recorded. The dam’s weight is determined by finding her weight closest to the calf’s weaning date within +/- 60 days (a 120-day window). 

To calculate the Adjusted Weaning Weight the calf must have sex and birth date recorded and have the weaning date and actual weaning weight entered. The calf's Dam must have a date of birth recorded.



***When importing data, be sure to ensure that the cow weights have been imported before weaning to ensure that the cow’s weight is available when the calf’s weaning record is created.

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