Types of Identification (ID) methods in CattleMax

Types of Identification (ID) methods in CattleMax

CattleMax supports identifying animals by a wide range of identification (ID) methods.  You can select the methods you’d like to enable or disable in your account settings (instructions below).

Ear Tag 
NAIT Number
Electronic ID (EID)
Private Herd Number (PH)
Other ID

Name DNA Barcode
Registration Number
NLIS Number
Tattoo Left/Right

The most popular choices include Ear Tag (Visual Identification), Electronic ID (EID), and Private Herd number (PH). Secondary choices include Name, Registration Number and Tattoo (Left/Right). Please note ear tags can be duplicated, so you will want to make sure you have entered the tag correctly.

Turning on/off the different forms of ID in your account settings

To enable or disable the different forms of ID, or update your default settings, visit your Settings > Account Settings at the top left side near your photo/account name on your CattleMax dashboard.

Then click on the cattle record tab and go to the identification section. You will checkmark the forms of ID that you would like to show in your animal's profile. 

You can choose which form of ID you would like your animals displayed as on this screen as well. This will be your main form of identification when adding and editing an animal.  All forms checked will be searchable to find the animal in your account.

Editing the different forms of ID on your animals

You can update the different forms of ID through the Edit screen on the animal's profile page as well as through the group update. 

Please note:  As you change the Ear Tag, you might want to record the old tag number in the Other ID for the animal, just to have a record.

Updating an Individual Animal

To get to the animal's profile. (Use the search bar on the left to find the animal)

Once in their profile then you can click on the edit animal at the top right side of the page.

You will then see all the different forms of Identification that you have turned on in your settings. If you do not see a form of Identification in the edit screen you will need to follow the steps above to add them to your animals profile. 

Using Group Update to edit or add Identication (Retag feature)

Group Update - Retagging your Animals help article

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