Retagging your Animals

There are times when calves kept in your herd as replacements or new animals purchased and brought into your herd might need to be retagged.  CattleMax provides a simple solution for retagging.  You will want to start by selecting these animals from a group or pasture and then use the Update Selected Animals option. 

Once the Group Update menu appears, choose the Retag Cattle option.

Once the Retag screen appears you will have some group fill options you can use if you'd like, otherwise, you can pass those by and move to the lower portion of the Retag screen.  The Ear Tag field can simply be cleared out by using the backspace key on your keyboard or select with your mouse and delete so you can then type in your new Ear Tag number.  The fields you see here are based on the forms of identification you have selected in your Account Settings (My Account > Account Settings > Cattle Records > Identification).  Once you are finished adding your new numbers into the form you can then click on Update Animals and their original ID will be changed to the new ID but no other data will be affected.  This change will also be reflected on the Dam's and Sire's Offspring page as well.  

Please note:  As you change the Ear Tag, you might want to record the old tag number in the Other ID for the animal, just to have a record.

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