Recording Heats

Recording heats in CattleMax is now very easy.  If you are just randomly recording heat while out in the pasture or if you are busy using AI, recording a heat is just a click away.  Please note that heats can only be recorded for Cows.  If you have a heifer calf that you want to record heats on you will need to promote her to a cow in order to do this.  Promote your heifer calves to Cows

Record Heat from a Cow's Timeline

The quickest and easier way to record heat is from the cow's timeline. You will click on the Add New Activity Button and then select New Heat.

The heat score is intended to be 1-100 with 1 not standing or showing any signs of heat and 100 standing solid.

The heat will show up on the Cow's timeline as well as the Heat section under the Cow's Breeding tab.

Heat recording from cow's Breeding Tab

You can also select the cow's breeding tab and select New Heat and record the heat there as well.  

Viewing Heats

You can view heats by clicking on the Breeding icon from the main Dashboard or from clicking on the Cattle Tab > click the Breeding button > select the Heats tab.

Heat Reports can also be created by using "Heats" as the recording area.  

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