Sending Large Files through Drop Send

Drop Send is an excellent alternative for sending a file to an email address when that file is too large to send through regular email methods.  

Example: You can use Drop Send to send us the backup file or actual herd file from your CattleMax Desktop Version for conversion to CattleMax online.

Enter into the URL line of your browser.

Click on "Send your File" which is the blue button as shown in the screenshot below.

Complete the form as directed below:

  • From: Enter your email address here
  • To:
  • Subject: Herd File for Conversion
  • Message: This area is optional; complete as desired or leave blank.

Locate your most recent herd file backup (.cmbk) or actual herd file (.cmdb) from your CattleMax Desktop Version. For steps on how to create the herd file backup - click here.

Click on "Select a File" then browse to your file and select it.

Click on "Send Your File."

Go to your email inbox to confirm the email address.

Click to place a checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions and again next to "I am not a robot" and then "Send File."

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