Removing animals from a Sale Ticket

If you added an animal to a sale ticket by mistake you can easily remove it. To do this, open the sale ticket (Financial > Sale Tickets button).

Locate the sale ticket that has the animal to be removed.  Select the Sale Ticket then click on Add/Remove Cattle.

Remove the check in the box in front of the animal(s) to be removed from the ticket then click on Save Sale Ticket.

The Animals were removed from the sale ticket.

The animals removed will be placed in your Sold Cattle Smart Group. You can make the animals active again by selecting them from the group by placing a checkmark in front of their ID > select Update Selected Animal > Change Status > Continue, then select Active from the Status dropdown.  You can also click the green link for the Animal's ID and once in the animal's detail page click on the green circle Add New Activity and then select Set To Active.  Either method will get the animal back to Active status.

If you want to immediately place the animal onto a different sale ticket instead of setting it to active, select the animals then click on Update Selected Animals > Change Status > Continue. Select Sold from the Status dropdown and select the sale ticket to add the animal to.

When the animal was placed on the sale ticket, it was removed from the pasture it was in. You can use Update Selected Animals to place it back into the pasture it came from.

If only one animal is involved, it may be simpler to go to Search Cattle, enter the animal ID, bring up the animal's individual record, then Record New Activity, Set to Active.  Then you can also use the same procedure to put the one animal back into its correct pasture (Change Pasture).

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