Pregnancy Checking

The Pregnancy Check icon on your dashboard is the most ideal place for producers to enter their pregnancy check results. Pregnancy check results will update the Breeding and Calving Screens, the animal's individual breeding tab, as well as her breeding status.

Your animals MUST have active breeding before you can do a pregnancy check and change the animal's status to Pregnant.

For each of the steps below, start by first clicking on the Pregnancy Checking icon or you can click on the Activities tab > Pregnancy Checking to get to the same screen.

Customizing or Printing your Pregnancy Check Page

In the upper right of the screen, you can click on Customize (next to the Print icon) to refine the list of displayed animals. To print this page as a list/worksheet, click on the printer icon.

Entering a Pregnancy Check

To enter a pregnancy check, select the animals to be pregnancy checked by placing a checkmark next to each one.  Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on Continue to Pregnancy Checking for Selected Cows.

In the next screen, you can enter the Check Date, Check Method, default Pregnancy Status, and Time Pregnant (if desired). By entering information in the Group Update then clicking Pre-fill Values, all the selected animals will have the common information filled in on their individual lines – by leaving a group fill area blank you will manually have to update those fields in the bottom part of the screen. Select Overwrite Existing Values and click on Pre-fill Values to pre-fill your data.  This is most commonly used with Check Date and Check Method.  All pre-filled data can manually be updated on an individual cow as needed prior to completing the task.

Enter the Pregnancy check results.

Scroll down to the spreadsheet area to change any open cows from Pregnant to Open and enter the days or months pregnant for each animal. The numbers 1-9 is for months pregnant, 10 and over is for days pregnant. If you chose Open the cow will then be moved from Exposed to Open on their breeding status. If you feel you need to Recheck the cow, simply chose Recheck and the breeding record will not be archived (she will stay exposed).

When you have entered all the pregnancy check information for the cows just click on Create Pregnancy to record the results.

Pregnancy checks are recorded.

CattleMax Tip: You can also record the pregnancy checks by selecting exposed cows from a group or pasture then click on Group Update Actions > Add Pregnancy Checks. Either way will take you to the same screen for recording the pregnancy checks.

Using The Advanced View to archive breedings

These cows had AI Breedings followed by NS. The rancher wants to only show the breeding that produced the calf.

Select the animals to be pregnancy checked > Continue to Pregnancy Checking for Selected Cows.

On the right-hand side, choose Switch to Advanced View to archive the breeding that did not take.

All Breedings are displayed on the animals being preg checked.

Example: 4871F was AI bred on 05-15-2021 and NS bred on 06-01-2021. She was 60 days pregnant on preg check day, so we can archive the NS breeding and keep the AI breeding as we know her calf will be from the AI breeding based on days bred.

Now only one due date is shown for each animal on the calving screen.

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