Creating a Progeny Report

There is not a "direct" way to produce a progeny report.  There are a couple of choices.  Of course, you can print the offspring tab of each cow and get all her progeny listed, or you can go about it through the Reports, kind of in a backward manner - from the Animals record area.

1.  Go to Reports > Reports > New Report.

2.  Name the report as you'd like; I named mine Progeny Report. Select Animals as the Record Area, then Create Report.

3.  Leave all Criteria blank (because you want to list all calves, whether active or inactive).  If you want to limit to calves born only within a certain time period, you could enter a birth date criterion to limit that.

4. Set up the columns (Ear Tag will be the Calves' ID) add other columns as needed. Be sure to include the Dam Ear Tag as one of the columns. You will want to move the Dam Ear Tag to column 1 on the report.

6.  Go to the Preferences tab and select to Sort By Dam Ear Tag as that will arrange all the calves of one cow together in the report.

The image below is an example of the resulting progeny report which can be exported or printed for your use.  Learn more about exporting and printing the report through this article - Customizing Reports.

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