Pasture Movements

Pasture Movements

Using the Add New Activity button in each pasture is an easy way to move animals from Pasture to Pasture, Turn in Bulls and Remove Bulls, add new Pasture Activities, new Pasture Notes, Tasks or Hay Production.  

Pasture Movements- as a group update (updating 1 or more animals)

You can also choose to move one or a few animals at a time by clicking the check box next to the animal's ID and updating it as a group action. For detailed information on using group update:  Using group-update-to-update-multiple-animals-at-once

Pasture Movements- Rotating the entire group of animals in a pasture

You can also choose to rotate all the animals in a pasture by clicking Add New Activity from the Pasture Timeline.  A new popup box will come up and you will choose the new pasture and date of movement.

Turn in & Remove Bulls

Probably the easiest and best way to create "group" breedings by natural service is to use the Turn in Bulls and Remove Bulls feature in CattleMax. The procedure would go like this:

Move the cows into a pasture.  After moving all the cows into the pasture, go to Pastures tab, select the pasture in which the cows reside. When that pasture is opened, you will want to make sure you are on the Timeline tab and then you will want to click on Add New Activity (green circle with +).  The pasture activity pop-up will appear with Turn in and Remove Bull options.  

Note: it is important the cows already are in the pasture before the bull(s) are turned in - no automatic breeding record will be created for cows moved into the pasture after the bull is Turned In.

After a bull or bulls have been "Turned In" to a pasture, all of the cows in the pasture will have a natural service breeding record created for each bull with the specified turn in date. Note: If you are turning more than one bull into a pasture, please view the section titled "Using a Composite Bull" in this help article - Breeding Cows.

When a bull is removed from the pasture through the "Remove Bulls" process, the breeding end date will be recorded for all those cows.

Correcting an Incorrect Pasture Movement

We all make mistakes from time to time.  CattleMax allows customers to correct the movement date and/or the destination pasture of animals one individual at a time.

Start by going to the activity timeline of the animal in question. Click on the date of the most recent pasture movement event. The resulting pop-up box will allow you to perform one of two actions after clicking Edit: 

Option 1: You can click Undo Movement to completely delete the movement record and return the animal back to the moved-from pasture. You can repeat this process as necessary to undo historical movements in chronological order.

Option 2: You can correct an incorrect date or current pasture location through Update Movement. To do this, modify the date and/or the moved-to pasture prior to clicking Update Movement.

For more detailed instructions regarding correcting an incorrect movement, please see Correcting an incorrect pasture movement

****NOTE: Neither Undo Movement nor Update Movement will impact the breeding record of a cow. This means that if she was incorrectly placed in a pasture where a bull was then "turned in"  while she was still in that pasture in CattleMax then that inaccurate breeding record will remain on her timeline until you manually delete or archive the record from her breeding tab.    

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