Calved a cow but her breeding status remains exposed or pregnant

This is usually the result of using Add New Animal to calve the cow then adding it's dam later instead of calving the cow from the Dashboard/Calving screen.
Using the Add Calf from the Calving screen establishes the cow/calf relationship, fills the Sire line (if it is on the breeding record), places the calf in the same pasture as the dam, archives the breeding record and resets the dam's Current Breeding Status to Open so she can be bred again. If the cow has multiple breeding records (AI, NS) the sire for each breeding is shown, and the user can Add Calf from the correct Sire line, if needed.
The best way to change a cow’s breeding status, if the calf was added through New Animal and the cow’s breeding status still shows exposed or pregnant, is to open the calving screen and click on No Calf. That will archive the breeding record and set her status to Open. Since the calf has already been assigned to the dam, clicking "No Calf" will simply archive the breeding record and make her breeding status Open again - making her available for breeding.
Note: You can also print a Calving Worksheet from the Calving screen.  The worksheet will show all the breedings and sire for each Dam.
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