Red Angus Association of America (RAAA)

Save time and effort with your records by using CattleMax to help manage your cattle information.

Keeping track of your Red Angus cattle records can now be easier and still complete. With CattleMax, entering calving records, breeding records, palpation/pregnancy checks and more can be completed in just a few clicks or taps. Pictures, pedigrees and EPDs help highlight your herd’s genetics and performance. Adding records for a group, such as medical treatments and weights, is simple and enables you to further reduce record keeping time.

You, the customer, can now download the herd file inventory from the RAAA website and import that file into your CattleMax account.

  1. Log in as a member and go to the Herd Management tab and select My Groups:
  2. Be sure to choose the Active Inventory - Whole Herd

  3. For the files to download and be able to import into CattleMax, scroll down to the RRTS file templates, be sure to choose the Pro Extract

  4. After choosing the appropriate template, then click download:

Importing Yourself - How to Quickly and Easily Import your Red Angus file into CattleMax

  1. Open your Cattlemax account
  2. Click on the Cattle Tab at the top > View All Groups
  3. Choose Red Angus Association of America from under the Breed Interfaces section or Set Up a New Breed
  4. Be sure to notice the file format.  Your file must be in this format to import properly
  5. Click browse in the section to perform the operation you are wanting and select the file you saved to your computer.
  6. Click - Import Animals to finish the task.

NOTE: If importing records, please wait until the import process is complete before entering any records into your CattleMax Online account.

Please  contact us for more information.

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