Enabling Breed Association Interfaces

This feature is available only for those customers who are using a registered CattleMax plan. To access the breed association interfaces to import your registered cattle, then later register calves or update pedigrees and EPDs, you will first need to complete two steps.

1. Add your association member number in the contact area of CattleMax 

To do this click on the Contacts tab. 

Find and click on the owner or account administrator's name then click on Edit Contact.

Type in your association(s) member ID number(s) then click on Update Contact.

2. Link the association to your breed in CattleMax

Click the My Account drop-down at the top right corner of CattleMax and choose Breeds List. 

Click on the breed you are wanting to use, which may be found under the active or unused breeds list. 

Click on the Edit Breed button. 

Choose the appropriate Breed Association and then click Update Breed.

The Association will now appear in the Breed Interfaces area of the Cattle tab. You will see your breed association name on the right-hand column under Industry Data Interfaces.

In addition to the above, in order for the breed association management codes to be available for entering on an animal's record, you will need to go to My Account>Account Settings>Cattle Records>Cattle Records Areas and activate the Show Management Codes:

NOTE: If importing records, please wait until the import process is complete before entering any records into your CattleMax Online account.

For your security and privacy, your breed association does not have access to your CattleMax account. You have complete control regarding who has access to your records by creating user logins. All data that is generated through a breed interface in CattleMax (such as electronic registrations) is in an electronic file that you are able to review before sending or submitting to your association. No data is automatically imported or exported to ensure you have control over your herd management data.

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