AHA Interface: Recording Calves

Before proceeding, please ensure you have imported your Herd Inventory as described in the AHA Interface: Importing Herd Inventories help article.

Recording calves

Each cow in the group will show as a row in the animal table.  There can be three states for a cow:

  1. Checkbox – this information is ready to be submitted
  2. Errors – one or more pieces of information are invalid or incomplete for this cow or her calf. Easily make corrections by moving over the record and clicking the Edit link that appears.
  3. Recorded – a registration number has been recorded for the calf

After completing the information for the animals to record, simply click the checkbox by the animals and then click the “Download Form 1 Export File of Selected Animals” button.

Next, send this file to AHA at eRecords@hereford.org.

After the cattle have been processed, you will receive an email notifying you that the process is complete.  You can then import your calf crop EPD file which will contain your registration numbers, adjusted weights, ratios, and EPDs as described in the  AHA Interface: Importing Calf Crop EPDs article.

Recording non-calving cows

AHA will accept a calving ease score from 6 to 12 to indicate a reason that a cow did not calve.  Ensure you have indicated the appropriate calving ease score for these non-calving cows.

A few notes

  • AHA Herd Inventory / calf crops are based on the Cattle Groups concept in CattleMax and therefore these animals can be added & removed from the groups and also reported on.
  • The calf must be in the particular TPR group. If the calf is not in the group, it can be added by clicking the “Add/Remove Animals” link from the Form 1 screen or by editing the calf’s record and adding it to the group from there.
  • CattleMax is able to validate most information (required fields, valid information, etc) but cannot perform other validations such as valid AI certificate.  If an animal fails validation after being submitted to AHA, you will receive a yellow form in the mail.

If some of your Calves do not appear in the list

If a cow record has a message of "Incomplete", this means there is not an active, unweaned calf recorded for her that is in the same TPR group. To quickly add active, unweaned calves to the Group:

  1. Click the "Add/Remove Animals" button in the top right corner
  2. Click the "Search Animals by Criteria or List" link - this will display filter criteria
  3. Choose "Active" for Status and "Calf" for Animal Type. Click the Search button
  4.  Animals that match the criteria will be included at the bottom of the list (after cattle that are already in the group). Check the box to the left of the calves to include, or click the checkbox in the heading. Click the "Save Group" button
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