AHA Interface: Importing and Updating Herd Inventories

The CattleMax American Hereford Association (AHA) interface is centered around TPR and calf crops and therefore herd inventories must be created before registration, weaning, and yearling information can be submitted.  It is important that AHA flags your account as a “PC User” to ensure these download files are available.

 Downloading your Inventory File

  1. Log into MyHerd.org account.
  2. Locate the menu options in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on "Reports" and then Data Extracts and CSVs

4. A new Screen will open listing download files.

5. Double click on a file to download.

6. Save the file to your computer.

 Importing your Inventory File in to CattleMax

  1. Open your Cattlemax account
  2. Click on the Cattle Tab at the top > View All Groups
  3. Choose American Hereford Association from under the Breed Interfaces section or Set Up a New Breed
  4. Be sure to notice the file format for each import section.  Your file must be in this format to import properly
  5. Click browse in the section to perform the operation you are wanting and select the file you saved to your computer.
  6. Click - Import Animals or Update EPDs to finish the task.
  7. NOTE: If importing records, please wait until the import is complete before entering any records into your CattleMax Account.

Updating and Submitting Herd Inventories

From the American Hereford Interface screen, click on the Inventory count link.

CattleMax AHA Interface

To indicate that a cow is not exposed or to change her season, simply move your mouse over her record and click Edit. When submitting your inventory, this information will be included in the export file.

Also note that any animals that were disposed of (sold or died) that have not yet been disposed of at AHA will be included, along with their disposal date and disposal code.

If you need to add a cow to the inventory, simply click the “Add/Remove Animals” link.

If the cow has a calf but only shows the option of recording disposal information, you need to add her calf to the group. Click the “Add/Remove Animals” link to add calves to the group. The calves will then appear on the Form 1 list for registration.

* After reconciling and updating your inventory, click the “Download Inventory Export File” button. You can now send this file to AHA at eRecords@hereford.org.


You have now downloaded your herd inventory and imported your herd inventory file in to your CattleMax account.  You can view and manage electronic submissions for this calf crop from the American Hereford Interface screen in CattleMax.

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