Importing CowCalf5 to CattleMax

CattleMax is excited to announce a migration path for CowCalf5 users to ensure access to actively updated and supported cow-calf management software. Follow these steps to send us your data file for conversion (no charge)

You will need first to set up a CattleMax account.  This can be done by going to and clicking the Start Free Trial button in the top right.  Set up your account using your email, pick a plan type and size, and then add in your password.  The account is instantly created.  We will need the name of your account to import the CowCalf5 data.

Open your CowCalf5 software.

Click File

Scroll down to Backup Herd Data

Clicking the Back Up Herd Data will create several .txt files (about 20+) and one .sv1 file.  We need you to zip those files or attach them to an email without opening them. Email the file to

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