Ranch Verification Organizer

Ranch Verification Organizer

Ranching today has its challenges.  Getting the best prices for our calves is one thing we strive for.  There are a few options available for ranchers to get premiums for their calves, with a couple of those being selling them as Natural and/or NHTC through a 3rd party verification program.  When you participate in these types of programs, an audit will be conducted, and a lot of information will need to be provided to the auditor to verify that the calves you are selling are qualified for the program(s).  Our CattleMax team has created a tool to help ranchers make their audits less stressful by developing a new Ranch Verification Planner.  This planner will provide you with treatment details, pasture movement details, sales, deaths, etc.  This data can be viewed as a PDF or as a spreadsheet.

To access the new RVO, you will want to select the Report Tab and then click on the Rach Verification organizer Link on the right side of the Report screen. 

You can then select the specific date range you need for the calf crop you want to verify by clicking on the Change Date Range Link:

Once you have selected the appropriate date range, your Ranch Verification data can be viewed as a PDF or a Spreadsheet.  In these documents, you can view inventory, treatments, purchases, pasture movements, and other details related to your PVP audit.  

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