Inventory Time Machine

CattleMax can now produce a report to help you generate those numbers needed for Farm Service Agency programs such as Livestock Forage Disaster Program, Emergency Livestock Relief Program, or whatever programs become available. With only the entry of a date, it is now possible to produce an active animal inventory for that specific date in the past, including animal age on that specific date.

To get to the Time Machine, click on Reports.  The Inventory Time Machine is located on the right side of the screen.

Click the green button and enter the date you need inventory numbers from:

After specifying your date, CattleMax will generate an inventory of all active animals in your account on the specified date. From there, you can save the results in a PDF or spreadsheet. 

With one click, you can view your active inventory on a specific date. Download to PDF to keep a copy in your records. Download to Spreadsheet for further classifying or segmenting your animals.

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