Bull Turn In and Removal

Turn in Bulls

Probably the easiest and best way to create "group" breedings by natural service is to use the Turn in Bulls and Remove Bulls feature in CattleMax. The procedure would go like this:

Move the cows into a pasture.  After moving the cows into the pasture, go to Pastures tab, and select the pasture in which the cows reside. When that pasture is opened, you will see the timeline for that particular pasture.  You will want to click on the green circle with + to access the Add New Activity Menu and then you will want select Turn in Bulls.

After a bull or bulls have been Turned In to a pasture, all of the cows in the pasture prior to the Turn In bull action will have a natural service breeding record created for each bull with the specified turn-in date.

Note: It is important to note that the cows are already in the pasture before the bull(s) are turned in - no breeding record will be created for cows moved into the pasture after the bull. However, if a cow is added to that pasture later, you can manually start a breeding record for her.  Also, take notice - today's date defaults to the turn-in date - you should correct that if needed.

Remove Bulls

When a bull is removed from the pasture through the Remove Bulls process, the breeding end date will be recorded for all those cows.

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