Pairing a Tru-Test EID reader to TagMax using an iOS device

Efficiently scan & process Cattle with your iPhone or iPad.

TagMax enables you to scan an animal’s EID tag and store it in a TagMax session or look up the animals in your CattleMax account.

Before starting, please ensure your device and RFID reader are current with the most recent software & firmware.  Also, ensure TagMax is completely closed (you may need to swipe up).

For Tru-Test SRS2 and XRS2 (older models)

1. Open your Bluetooth settings and make the Bluetooth pair to your device (phone or iPad)

2. Once the pair is made you will see a pop-up asking if you would like to use Data Link to communicate with the reader - you must choose Ignore.

(if you do not receive this pop-up, please start over)

3. Open TagMax and go to a session
4. You should see that the reader is connected in the green bar at the top
5. Scan your animal EID and collect your data

For more information, visit  or download from the Apple App Store.

For Tru-Test SRS2i and XRS2i

1.  Ensure that TagMax is closed.  (swipe up if needed
2.  Turn on your EID reader
3.  Open TagMax and create or open a session
4.  The EID reader will automatically connect, as seen in the green bar when a session is open.

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