Canadian Simmental Association

Canadian Simmental Association

As a registered plan CattleMax customer and member of the Canadian Simmental Association, you can save yourself time and effort by using the following features.  

  • Import your breed association cattle records into CattleMax
  • Sync the association data with your animals in CattleMax who have matching registration numbers
  • Register your calves with the association after adding the calf to CattleMax

The Herd Inventory file or Herd Extract is a copy of your active registered cattle records, 3 generation pedigrees, current EPDs, and current performance information as previously submitted to the association. 

Important Items to Note:

  • If importing records, please wait until the import process is complete before entering any records into your CattleMax Online account.
  • Do not open any files from the association prior to importing them into CattleMax as this will likely lead to information being imported incorrectly.  If you have opened it, please re-download the file and start the process again with the re-downloaded file.
  • If you are not able to see the option for entering a registration number on an individual animal, please update your account settings. (Customizing CattleMax / Account Settings - click here.)

How do I obtain the file from the Breed Association for import into CattleMax?

The Canadian Simmental Association asks that you as the member contact and request the herd inventory file direct from the association.

Please call CSA at 1-866-860-6051 or email to request a copy of your herd inventory file for import into CattleMax.  You will need to provide your Breed Association membership number.

  • Be sure to request 3 generation pedigree with the file.
  • Have the file sent to CattleMax -
  • After we at CattleMax receive your herd extract from ASA, we will send you the file with instructions on how to import and whether you need to use the Sync option or not.
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