There are many benefits to tracking your equipment and equipment maintenance with CattleMax. This one-stop area for all your farm and ranch equipment allows you to know details such as make, model, VIN, serial number, and/or license plate information, which is beneficial when sending someone to town for a part or when communicating with your insurance company. The maintenance area allows you to keep your equipment running smoothly by taking the guesswork out of when the next oil or filter change needs to occur. You can even track purchase information, keep notes, or assign a task.

To get to the Equipment area click on the Equipment icon on the Dashboard under Management.
This will take you to the Equipment List Page where you will see a list of all your Active and Inactive Equipment along with a link for adding New Equipment. Inactive Equipment, for example, might include items you have sold or items loaned to a neighbor for a short time.
When adding a new item, you can enter description details including purchase information, import pictures of the item, or add custom fields such as a filter or part number.
Later, you can edit an Equipment item by clicking on the Equipment Name then clicking on Edit Equipment.
Maintenance can be recorded by clicking on the Maintenance tab then entering the maintenance details and even add an attachment such as a receipt.
Equipment notes can be entered by clicking on the Notes Tab.  Notes can be broken into your own customized categories and include attachments.
Equipment related tasks can be added by clicking on the task tab.
The created Tasks will be displayed on the individual Equipment Task Screen and on the CattleMax Dashboard. 

Equipment Inventory reports along with Equipment Task Reports may be created by clicking on the Reports tab and again clicking Reports at the top of the CattleMax account screen.

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