Drawing a Pasture Map

The pasture map is a good visual representation or aerial view of your pasture.

New Pasture

To add a new pasture, click the pastures tab > select New Pasture and create your pasture.  This same page will allow you to update the name, enter the Premise ID (if you have one), along with comments.  You will also draw your map from this screen. 

Your mouse will appear as a large + sign.  You will want to click on the first point (you can zoom in and out with your mouse wheel or by using the +/- signs on the side of the map), move, click, move, click, move, etc. until the Plus sign turns into a hand with a finger-pointing.  You will know you have met up with the starting point and you can then finish drawing your map at that point.  The acreage will auto-calculate once the map is complete.  You can click on Create Pasture once you are finished drawing.

Add a map to an Existing Pasture

Choose the pasture you'd like to add the map to.  Once the pasture is opened click on Edit Pasture.  Use the same directions as listed above in New Pasture, starting with the step of finding the location to start drawing.  

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