Subscribing to the CattleMax Calendar

Subscribing to the CattleMax calendar allows you to add important dates within CattleMax and have them sent to the calendar on your phone or tablet.  At this time Alerts cannot be sent to your device.  This is a future planned addition. 

To get started, open your CattleMax account and click on the Month/Year at the top of the Calendar to open your Calendar:

Once the calendar opens you will see the Subscribe button at the top, click it:

Once you click the Subscribe button then a popup appears with the options that you would like to have sent to your mobile calendar.  Click the option that you would like and another popup appears with the Calendar URL, click Subscribe.

You will see that URL create the CattleMax calendar link to your calendar.  You do have options to choose from the color you would like the notation, whether you are creating this on your computer or iCloud.  Use iCloud if you are using an iPhone.  You also have the option to choose how often you want the calendar to look for updates.  Notice:  The more it checks the more it can drain your device's battery.  

You should be ready to use the calendar.  Just remember, the frequency you set for the calendar to check will determine how quickly events are added to your device.

Android users:  Follow all the steps down to where you see the URL.  From that point you will need to create the new calendar on your phone, then copy and paste that URL when asked.

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