Opening an Animal in another Tab

If you are updating multiple animals at once or just want to see multiple animals at a time.  You can open the animal in a different Tab and then switch between Tabs to see the information.

To do this, when you are in a group you can right-click on the Animal ID and then click on "Open Link in a New Tab".  This will add a new tab on your browser.  You can open several animals at a time if you like.  Just repeat the steps until you have all you want open at a time.

When you have selected the animals to be edited you can click on the first new tab to open the first animal and edit it and then click on Update Animal. When you finish editing an animal you can click the X (on the tab) to close the tab and you will be on the general screen of the next animal. You can click back to the Group Tab at any time and/or when all the tabs are closed you will be back at the Group.

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