Create a Cattle Group using EID numbers

The best way to record the movement is by making a Cattle Group using the EID's then recording the pasture movement.

First, you need to download the EIDs to a CSV format file. Then click on Cattle > New Group and make a Cattle Group. 

25b6e265c82396238e5546592f440d33.pngSelect Search Animals by Criteria or List.
42d2ed5fcee4490a7b438c7eeb3099e6.pngSelect Search By List, then Copy and Paste the EIDs from the downloaded CSV file into the Cattle to Find area, enter Electronic Id into the search By field then click on Search
470bbae75d5e783ef9617a1e9ec8dbb7.pngSelect all the cattle in the list then Click on Save Group
2e6cd9ca800ebd9fb6e96edf974ad0cb.pngOpen your new group, Select all the cattle in the group, click on Group Update Actions > Change Pastures or any other Group Update you wish to perform.

656a2b7785ee3bcbf0843e1aa63f5877.pngBe sure to enter the correct movement date.
206e414a03db3c85fe1545a96afb082b.pngThat will move them. You can delete the group if you wish or you can keep it.

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