Create a Cattle Group using EID numbers

You can create Cattle groups from EID's that were scanned from a group of cattle that were worked together. Then you can use the group update features to record treatments, pasture movements, pregnancy checking, etc.

First, you need to download the EIDs to a CSV format file. Then click on Cattle > New Group and make a Cattle Group. Be sure to select "Cattle Group" in the Group Type box. Then click on Create Group.

Select Search By List. Copy the EID's that you want in the group and paste them into the Cattle To Find area box making sure there is only one EID per line. Select Electronic ID for the Search ID Method then click on Search.

The EID's of the cattle that were found in CattleMax will be listed.

Select the animals that you want in the group then click on Save Group.

The new group will be displayed.

Select all the cattle in the group > click on Group Update Actions > Change Pastures or any other Group Update you wish to perform.

Be sure to enter the Movement Date as it defaults to the current date. Then click Change Pastures to complete the transaction.

Once you are finished entering all the desired group updates, you can delete the group if you wish or you can keep it.

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