Recording Yearling information

Keeping accurate records for your replacement or yearling calves can be done through a group update on the yearling icon on your dashboard.  

On the dashboard of your CattleMax account, click on the Yearling icon.  The small number in the bubble indicates there are 46 that are late or due to be processed this week.

Select the calves to add yearling information.  At this point, you can import a CSV file with your yearling weights if you wish. Click Continue to Yearling for Selected Calves.

On the group update screen, you can add default values at the top of the screen for Yearling Date, Contemporary Group Name ( Contemporary Groups) and Management Code then click Overwrite Existing Values and Pre-Fill Values.  Then you can enter any individual information for each of the calves, such as; weight, height, scrotal on the bulls, and management code.  

Once you have entered all your yearling information, click Record Yearling Information.  Your yearling information has now been updated.

You now have the option to do another group update that could include health treatments, pasture movements, retagging information or any other updates that need to be done for the same group of animals. If you do not need to do another update you can simply click Close.

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