Recording twin calves and grafting a calf

CattleMax handles twin calves without any problem. Performance measures like average calving interval and average postpartum interval also account for twin calves (counting only the first calf).

You will want to add your first calf as you normally would from the Calving screen or from the dam's individual page > Offspring tab > New Animal.

Adding the twin (second) calf

After adding the first calf, the dam will be removed from the Calving screen and you will not be able to click the ‘Add Calf’ link.  To record additional calves, go to the dam's individual page > Offspring tab > New Animal. On the new animal screen, you can record relevant calving information. You could also click on the Cattle tab > New Animal.  

Pairing a twin with a nurse cow

Sometimes a producer will pair one of the calves with a nurse cow.

  1. Go to the calf individual page > Edit Animal > make sure you are in Advanced View
  2. Select Yes on the “Grafted Calf” option on the calf’s screen
  3. Indicate the genetic dam (the cow who had the twin) as the Genetic / Donor Dam
  4. Indicate the nurse cow as the Dam

The calf will be accessible under the Offspring tab of both the Genetic Dam as well as the Dam (nurse cow).  The Genetic dam will be reflected in pedigrees and when registering the calf with a breed association while the Dam (nurse cow) will show up on cow-calf reports.

If you are a registered breeder, your association may require a birth code or twin code to indicate twin calves.  You can record this on the Details tab.

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