Sync Feature for Registered Plans

CattleMax has incorporated a sync option to import pedigrees, EPDs, and updated performance information from some breed associations into existing CattleMax records.

This feature can be helpful to Registered Plan users who manually added cattle to their CattleMax account but did not enter pedigrees, EPDs, or performance data such as weights and ratios, and want to have an exact copy of animal details that the association has on file. Note that a file from your association is needed for CattleMax to import - this is not a "real-time" sync.

Be sure about the following to know if this may be a good fit:

  • The CattleMax account you want to use the process for must be a Registered plan account.
  • All of the active cattle records in CattleMax you want to sync must have the respective breed linked AND the registration number you have entered for the animal must match the registration number on file with the breed association. It's highly recommended to double-check the registration numbers you have entered with the breed association, such as completing a search on the association's website or animal search area. If the registration numbers do not match exactly, the process will create new records for those animals without a matching registration number. Please make sure you know whether your association included prefixes (letters) or not as part of the official registration number. If you include a prefix when the association does not include it in their file or vice versa then duplicate animals will be created.  ie:  PF20230 = 20230 on the herd file from the association.

When on the interface screen in CattleMax for the breed association, check the box if you would like to use the Sync option when importing cattle records. If the registration number matches, CattleMax will copy the information for the animal from the file into their record in your CattleMax account. If the registration number is not found, CattleMax will create a new animal record with all of the information the association provided.


  • If the box is NOT checked during the import, animals with matching registrations numbers will be skipped and no information updated. Only animals without a matching registration number in CattleMax will be added. An example of a situation to NOT check the box is if you generate adjusted weights using your own calculation or some other way besides receiving the breed association's generated adjusted weights.
  • This is a highly specific process that has a tremendous benefit if you've worked with the records in your account and made sure the registration numbers match. 
  • There is not an undo process so please be sure you are completely familiar with the setup and/or have contacted our support team at 1-800-641-2343 or for assistance. 
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