Drawing a Pasture Map

The pasture map is a good visual representation or aerial view of your pasture.

New Pasture

To add a new pasture, click the pastures tab at the top of your CattleMax Dashboard.  Choose New Pasture and create your pasture.  This same page will allow you to update the name, enter the Premise ID (if you have one), along with comments.

Click on Pasture Map. Using the blue "Draw Map" button to get started with drawing in Google Maps.

Put in your address or use "Locate Me".  Tip: Google doesn't always pin the exact location, you may have to scroll around to find the exact location.

Using the drawing tool/shape box (1st red box below), mark boundaries, and corner posts by dragging and dropping with your mouse.  After completion, maps will estimate the acres drawn. You can also choose to colorize your pasture on this screen.  Once you are satisfied with your pasture, click Update Pasture.

Add a map to an Existing Pasture

Choose the pasture you'd like to add the map to.  Use the same directions as listed above in New Pasture, starting with the step of finding the Pasture Map tab on the top of the pasture.

Watch a Short How-To Video

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