Castration of a bull to a steer

Using the Group Update feature, you can add a castration of a bull, changing his sex from a bull to a steer.  

From an animal list screen, simply check the check-boxes by one or more animals.

Click the Update Selected Animals button, then choose Record Calfhood Procedures and click Continue.  

When you are finished filling out this popup (Castration area), click Record Calfhood Procedures and your bulls will now be listed as steers.  Once an animal is updated to a steer it will stay in your calf inventory until it is sold or marked as a reference animal.  A steer will always be considered a calf in CattleMax regardless of the age. 

You can also change a bull to a steer individually from their own detail page.  You will to want click on Edit Animal and then scroll down to the Sex field and change from Bull to Steer.  Another box will appear that will ask for the date of Castration.  You will want to scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and click on Update Animal when you are finished.

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