Adding a Pasture

Pastures are a great way of organizing your cattle and also tracking hay production and fertilizer applications. 

To add a pasture, open your CattleMax account and click on the Pastures tab at the top.  On the right side of the drop-down list in the Quick Links section, select New Pasture.

After clicking on the New Pasture link, a small screen opens which allows you to name the pasture, add your premise ID, add the number of acres and any comments about this pasture, such as what type of soil or grass it contains.

After all of the information is added click the Create Pasture button.

Once the pasture is created, you can now add animals to the pasture.  Using the Group Update feature you can add multiple animals to your new pasture.  You also have the ability to add notes to this pasture, such as how much hay was gathered on an individual day, fertilizer applications, aeration, and others.  From the pasture, you can Turn In a Bull on all the animals in that pasture which will create a start date for breeding then later remove the bulls to end the breeding period.  You can even rotate or move every animal in the pasture to another pasture without selecting them one at a time. Learn more about Pasture Actions by viewing this help article - Pasture Movements.

Watch a short "How-To" video

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