How to bookmark your CattleMax account

CattleMax is cloud-based, with nothing to install.  It runs on your web browser so you can access your records from any device that is connected to the Internet.

Desktops and Laptops

  • Google Chrome – Click the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner by the URL then hover over "Bookmarks" to make sure there is a checkmark next to "Show bookmarks bar." Then use the "Star" image on the URL address bar to add the page to your bookmarks bar or click the three vertical dots again to hover over "Bookmarks" to then click "Bookmark this tab".  You can also add an icon to your desktop by clicking the three vertical dots > More tools > Create Shortcut and name the shortcut anything you prefer.  You can open it from your desktop icon at that point.
  • Safari – Click the Bookmarks menu at the top of the screen and then click "Add Bookmark" or use the square box with the arrow to choose "Add Bookmark". To then view your bookmarks you can click on the "Show Sidebar" icon on the left side of the URL address bar.  
  • Edge – Click the three horizontal dots on the right-hand side by the URL then click on settings to make sure "Show the favorites bar" is turned on. You will then click the "Star" image on the URL address bar to add the page to your favorites bar.  You can also pin your CattleMax account to your Taskbar from Edge by clicking the three horizontal dots > More Tools > Pin to taskbar.

Smartphones and Tablets

  • iPhone and iPad - Using Safari - You can add a CattleMax Online icon to your iPhone or iPad’s home screen by clicking the square box with the arrow as boxed below in red. After clicking this icon, choose “Add to Home Screen”.  You can also use the "Add Bookmark" option if you'd like to just save it as a bookmark.

  • Android - Using Chrome - Click the 3 little dots in the URL line and tap 'Add to Home Screen' or 'Add shortcut on Home Screen".  You can also click the "star" to save it as a favorite/bookmark.  If you are using another browser, similar to Samsung internet, the menu bar to add it to your home screen is three lines at the bottom of the page - "Add Page to", then select the location. Note: Some Android devices use a different default browser. These instructions are for Google Chrome which should also be on the device.

Watch a short "How - To" video

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