Role-based Permissions

Role-based Permissions are included in all editions so that you can grant limited access of your cattle records to other users.

The following roles are available:

  • Administrator – Can view and modify all areas.  The first Administrator on the account is the main contact for CattleMax - all inquiries regarding secure account information will be verified by the first Admin on the CattleMax account.  This includes password inquiries, access to accounts, data questions, billing inquiries/cancellations, along with other secure areas of your account.  Please make sure when making an inquiry, you use the email that is listed on your account.  
  • Editor – Can view and modify all areas except Account settings such as Preferences, Data, Billing, Plans and Users.  This can be helpful when you want to let others enter data from their computers or mobile devices.
  • Viewer – Can view all areas except Account settings such as Preferences, Data, Billing, Plans and Users. Viewers can add, edit, and print reports.  This can be helpful when you want employees to be able to look up information instead of calling into the office while ensuring they do not make any changes to the records.
  • Reporter – Can only view, add, edit, and print reports and worksheets.  This can be useful when needing to grant access to an accountant, comptroller, or other individuals who may not want or need access to the detailed cattle records.

You can manage user roles by clicking on My Account in the upper right of the screen > Manage Users > New User or Edit.

****Important Note: Data in the program is shared.  Any changes made by one user will automatically be changed for everyone's view/use.

CattleMax's Privacy Policy

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